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I really don't want my people to work more than forty hours a week. That's enough. People should have balance in their lives. If they do, they'll be happier. Working all the time doesn't help the organization, not over the long run. I've seen workaholics who've destroyed people. They become obsessed. They send out terrible messages. They make people feel guilty if they leave the office at 5:00 or don't show up on Saturdays. What a stupid message. People should be giving that time to their families. They should be watching their children play soccer. If you make them come into the office, you're creating a situation where they hate work. I don't mind people putting in some overtime to make some extra money, or to make sure they have their responsibilities covered. But don't do it at the expense of having a balanced life. I'm not denying that some people can get a tremendous amount of work done by working all the time. I just think there's a better way. When you're lying on your deathbed, you never look back and wish you'd spent more time at the office

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