Are you looking to wake your car up or just figure out why it’s not running smooth or efficiently?  Let me scan, diagnose and discuss with you how I can help to resolve all your LS issues.

Whether you’re driving a Corvette or a Denali, I can accommodate you with the performance you’re looking for.  No cut and paste or generic tuning. Everything I do is specifically for your vehicle using HP Tuners Software and a NGK Professional Wide Band Sensor.

With a Wide Band in place I can eliminate the guess work when it comes to calibrating your Mass Air Flow sensor, (MAF) and Volumetric Efficiency (VE) Tables.  This allows for proper AFR (air fuel ratio) calibrations for your vehicle that is not only safe but will no doubt improve your performance and fuel economy.

If you think you could benefit from a Custom Tune, call or email me for an Appt.

  • Drivability and Performance Analysis
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • MAF & VE table Recalibration
  • Speedometer / Odometer Calibration
  • CAGS (Computer Aided Gear Selection) disabling 
  • Transmission Shift Point and Line Pressures Adjustments
  • Tuning for GM performance cars and trucks
  • Check Engine Light reset and analysis