Today's economic conditions demand outstanding services for your membership and high-tech management in your association's administrative environment.

I am a full service senior association manager providing services to trade or professional membership organizations, national and regional, specializing in start up associations. We work in partnership with your executive committee or management team to provide services concentrating in specific areas of association management:


  • Development of objectives, goals, strategies, budgets
  • Ongoing evaluation of association plans


  • Retention and promotion programs
  • Prospect tracking and reporting
  • Accurate directories designed for specific needs


  • Hotel negotiations and arrangements
  • Speaker negotiations and arrangements
  • Exhibit solicitations


  • Consultation, program development
  • Continuing education expertise


To make the association beneficial to its members as well as an energetic force in the industry, we can assist in the implementation of state-of-the-art membership services. Among those services are:

    1. Annual Wage & Compensation Reports, covering job classifications in the industry.
    2. Recording Business Index, a quarterly report evaluating business trends.
    3. Management Controls, a study of internal controls required by management to run a profitable business.
    4. Training, including curriculum, on-the-job instruction manuals, visual aides and recruiting materials to establish in house training programs.
    5. Management Seminars, to assist all levels of management in the proper use of operating ratios, break-even points evaluation of the closely held corporation, employee motivation, etc. 
    6. Certification, The association can reward industry professionals that possess a wide range of skills, experience and demonstrate a command of the vast body of knowledge and expertise. Provide an ongoing professional program that increases the consciousness of professionals to business, industry and government while furnishing a means by which members can achieve enhanced stature in the industry. 
    7. Comprehensive Technical Resources, Increase the availability of statistical data and information to the membership. 
    8. Electronic Communication & Internet Presence, the implementation of Electronic Communication and Bulletin Board services as a benefit of membership.
    9. Annual Conference & Trade Show, a carefully designed education program in conjunction with a trade show demonstrating new equipment and services to the industry.
    11. Institute, a professional academic environment of continual education to increase managerial performance and business skills for CEO's, COO's and CFO's. Intermediate and advanced programs in marketing, data processing, documentation, credit functions and human relations. 

I know from personal experience that association members and potential members demand more from their membership than they did just a year ago. Sensible and meaningful changes can be addressed and should be the result of vision and carefully thought out planning. We have a flexible operation, realizing that every organization in each field or industry has very special requirements. We are in a service business, just as you, and are most cognizant of special needs.

To determine the value of these services to your association, it would be necessary to create a detailed analysis of your needs. If you would like to learn what we can do especially for your association, send an e-mail.