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When Iím at an Association event surrounded in conversation with new members, or older members that are at a function for the first time, thereís one question that posed to me over and over again, "what can I do to insure a maximum return on my dues investment?"

I have to hold back my "Chamber of Commerce" pitch on the association and remember the four simple axioms that truly answers that question

First: Put a proper value on your membership. Never underestimate the value of the association. The dues you pay can be very small compared with the return your company receives.

Second: Weigh what you are receiving. Take a look at the association's services and activities now and then to see what can be done to make its services more helpful to you and your company.

Third: Accept a share of responsibility for the associationís programs by serving willingly and effectively on committees. The Association staff has an important job of administration and coordination, but the the associationís success is dependent upon its members.

Fourth: Help strengthen the association. If youíre happy with what the association provides you, do your part to increase membership. Members are important and so are the ideas and fresh viewpoints that "new blood" brings to an organization. So, encourage other industry members to join the association. Nobody can explain the benefits of membership better than someone who is already a recipient of those benefits and services.



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