An audit designed to probe nearly every aspect of association's operation is mailed to the members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, or others name by the Executive Committee. The process requires thought and answers to the questions are more than a simple "yes" or "no." I will examine the administrative and volunteer procedures, review and make suggestions for a business or capital plans, and outline a series of programs/systems that could be carried out to advance the association.

The review is conducted in two (2) phases.  The first phase consisted of individual interviews with representatives of local trade associations and businesses at different locations and levels throughout the industry.  These interviews are conducted by me; their purpose is to gather information on individuals and companies involved in your industry, association activities as they relate to your industry, name recognition, and their knowledge and opinions of the association.

In the second phase, questionnaires are administered to all members of the Association's Board of Directors.  Based on the level of participation, the results of the survey cannot be viewed with confidence as representative of the ideas and opinions of the board.

To give a framework and focus on the information gathered from the project, this summary is not entirely organized by the topic areas framed in the questionnaire furnished to the board members.  However, the review reflects more on the opinions of the many individuals interviewed with a schedule of questions designed to extract information on the strengths and weaknesses of the association, and also: its services, communication efforts, how the organization deals with problems and the facilities to interact within the association.

Based on the level of participation from the non-governing alliance interviewed to this juncture, the results of the survey can be viewed with confidence as representative of the ideas and opinions of the industry.