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Question 1: What Is Our Business (Mission)?

Worksheet 1: What Are We Trying to Achieve?

Worksheet 2: What Specific Results Are We Seeking?

Worksheet 3: What Are Our Major Strengths? What Are Our Weaknesses?

Worksheet 4: Does Our Mission Need to Be Revisited?

Question 2: Who Is Our Member?

Worksheet 5: Who Are Our Primary Members?

Worksheet 6: Who Are Our Supporting Members?

Worksheet 7: Have Our Members Changed?

Worksheet 8: Should We Add or Delete Some Members?

Question 3: What Does the Member Consider Value?

Worksheet 9: What Do Our Primary Members Consider Value?

Worksheet 10: What Do Our Supporting Members Consider Value?

Worksheet 11: How Well Are We Providing What Our Members Consider Value?

Worksheet 12: How Can We Use What Our Members Consider Value to Become More Effective?

Worksheet 13: What Additional Information Do We Need?

Question 4: What Have Been Our Results?

Worksheet 14: How Do We Define Results for Our Organization?

Worksheet 15: To What Extent Have We Achieved These Results?

Worksheet 16: How Well Are We Using Our Resources?

Question 5: What Is Our Plan?

Worksheet 17: What Have We Learned and What Do We Recommend?

Worksheet 18: Where Should We Focus Our Efforts?

Worksheet 19: What, if Anything, Should We Do Differently?

Worksheet 20: What Is My Plan to Achieve Results for My Group/Responsibility Area?

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